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AndroPro Chillguard LT

AndroPro Chillguard LT

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Short-term culture medium for canine semen (≤10 days)

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AndroPRO™, MOFA Global’s fourth generation of canine extenders, is a major breakthrough in canine semen preservation; they are now 100% Animal Protein Free. The addition of MOFA’s Animal Protein Free (APF) additive prevents the need to add egg yolk to protect the sperm cells during chilled (4°C) semen storage. The APF additive protects the sperm cells from damage caused from temperature variations during the shipping and freezing process, stabilize the membrane, prevent oxidative stress and neutralize degrading metabolites negative effects.

Due to the protective effects of the AFP product, the new AndroPRO line of extender is also the only ready-to-use canine semen extender that can be shipped to you at room temperature, significantly cutting your transport costs. 


  • Long-term culture medium for canine semen (≤10 days)
  • Animal protein free
  • Over 1 year shelf life stored at 4°C
  • Ideal for long-term shipping

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